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Our Mission

About Us

We, at United Spinal Association-Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter (USA-SWC) are a group of individual volunteers from different backgrounds who want to use our experience with Spinal Cord Injuries/Disabilities (SCI/D) to help people who have paralysis through injury or disease return to a life of dignity, self-confidence and independence into the community.

Our Mission

The mission of USA-SWC is to assist people who have paralysis through injury or disease with a goal of helping them return to a life of dignity, self-confidence and independence into the community.

Our Key Values

We believe the most valuable resource we have is the knowledge and experience of our members and volunteers.

To be most effective in our community we need to have a strong and diverse base of members who are SCI/D individuals, organizations, and businesses with the same objectives as ours.

Education, awareness, and peer advising are the most important services we can provide.

Our resources are best used in serving one or more of our primary objectives,

Our Primary Objectives

As with all organizations, our resources are limited, so we cannot meet all requests for assistance or contribute to all the causes we believe in. To help guide our focus we have identified the following primary objectives that resources will be allocated to:

  • Counseling and advice to newly injured individuals and their families to help them overcome the fears, doubts, and numerous obstacles facing those with spinal cord injuries.

  • Education and prevention services to the youth in our community to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries and the activities that can lead to them.

  • Services and activities to our members to help build a strong network within our community and to assist those in need.

  • Advocate on behalf of our members to help make sure public places are accessible and they are not discriminated against.

  • Funding and assistance to research efforts that are striving to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

United Spinal Association-SWC is a member of Community Health Charities (CHC). We thank CHC and the generous sponsors that support us in our Mission.

Annual Reports & Financials

United Spinal Association-Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter (UAS-SWC) must have sufficient financial resources to carry out our mission and build for the future. By being financially responsible, USA-SWC will be able to manage changes in funding and hardships with minimal disruption, while still delivering on our mission promise to the communities we serve.

To see our Annual Reports and audit statements, click on the links below:.

2020 Form 990

2019 Annual Report

2019 Form 990


2018 Annual Report

2018 Form 990

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